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Truths about International Surrogacy

Many couples or singles who desire children of their own are unable to get them. Some factors that may hinder people from having their own children are medical related issues or infertility of either of the couple. Previously, the affected person or persons had the option to adopt a child. Many people were deterred from adoption because of the legal requirements and complicated processes. With the success of surrogacy in the early eighties, aspiring parents have an alternative.

Surrogacy is turning to another woman so that she can carry a pregnancy on your behalf. The fertilization is carried out in a test tube through a medical process called vitro fertilization. The fertilized egg is then implanted on the surrogate mother’s womb using a medical procedure called artificial insemination. The egg and sperm is gotten from the couple themselves or through donors. If the couple have infertility in their reproductive system they have an option of getting the cells from donors.

There are several things that a couple need to consider when they decide to approach a surrogate mother or a cell donor. The first consideration is if they can afford it. There are several financial aspects to hiring a womb or acquiring a cell donation. There is a maintenance fee which the couple will incur to maintain the surrogate mother until she comes to term. This may include her upkeep and medical expenses. Some women are commercial surrogates. If the couple opts for a sperm donation or egg donation, there is a cost associated with this as well.

The second thing the couple needs to give a lot of thought to is the legality of having a surrogate mother carry a pregnancy for them. Many states across the world do not accept surrogacy. Surrogacy laws vary in countries that permit it. Some nations forbid payment of any kind to the surrogate mother. In some countries, the regulations favor aspiring parents. Some laws may consider the person or persons seeking for a surrogate mother as the legal guardian of the unborn fetus. This is very controversial as many people have lost their fetus or children to surrogate mothers because of unclear laws surrounding surrogacy.

When considering international surrogacy there are upsides and downsides. International surrogacy is favorable for many aspiring parents because they have an option of getting an affordable option. Some aspiring parents feel helpless when the laws of their land ban surrogacy or have bureaucracy surrounding it. International surrogacy would be a better option if the aspiring parent can get less stringent laws and regulation in another country. The downside is that being a foreigner in another country, seeking for a surrogate mother, may pose legal challenges for a person especially if disagreements ensue during gestation. If the aspiring parent is from a country whose medical system is not equipped to undertake surrogacy fertilization or implantation, the internationals surrogacy can be beneficial. The potential parent should interrogate these factors before settling for a surrogate mother.

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